Highheels for work and casual shoes for the road


Our first impression of a person is made in less than a minute, often before a person even opens his or her mouth to speak or by what he or she is wearing. Yes, it is true we are a visual society and can be very judge mental at times. This raises the questions on whether high heels are appropriate for the office or should one rock casual plain shoes for an ordinary work day.

Wearing high heels at the office depends upon the dress code. Many offices require more than just sitting, so high heels worn should always be something one can walk in swiftly, and frequently. If a shoe is so high that it is merely for decorative purpose and will have one limping in an hour, it is generally considered not office wear.

The most conservative offices tend to have strict codes about types of shoes worn. They may not limit one’s access to high heels. One still needs to think about the degree to which one will be walking, and probably most appropriate is high heels no higher than 2-3 inches. High heels in either conservative or even business casual offices should forgo embellishments and should be in conservative colors, such as black, brown or navy. It may be all right to match high heels of a different color with a suit of the same color, such as dark green high heels matched with a dark green suit.

High heels have also found themselves in the new girls party wardrobe. Yes and a lot of women are really digging into this style. This is because of the image and message they send out to the others in the party. Heels have a way of portraying sexiness in a woman. They give shape to the curves as they elevate ones height and allure. They also tend to put out a message of something like ‘I am a serious lady’. This could also be a reason they are worn in offices as they create an authoritative nature.

However, women and girls prefer walking in casual shoes as compared to high heels. Casual shoes are best fitted for the road as they are more comfortable to walk in and less strenuous for many. High heels cause pain when one walks in them for long. Research has it that, over time, wearing high heels can shorten the muscles in your calves and in your back, leading to pain and muscle spasms. Any time you wear shoes that restrict the natural shape of your foot, you’re at risk for experiencing pain. I am sure pain is not a feeling ones wants to experience at the expense of looking pretty.

The feeling of comfort when walking in casual shoes is what makes them preferable to high heels. They serve a great deal as they take the shape of the feet. It is not wrong to have a pair of nice killer heels. It is however important to discern the time and occasion on when to switch.